Introducing Constitutional Transitions Visiting Fellow Gianluca Parolin

The Center for Constitutional Transitions at NYU Law (Constitutional Transitions) is pleased to introduce visiting fellow Gianluca Parolin. Gianluca joins us from the American University of Cairo, where he serves as Assistant Professor of Law. “We are very glad to welcome Gianluca and all of our international fellows,” said Faculty Director Sujit Choudhry. “Their perspective and expertise help make NYU the premiere global law school, and ensure that our center’s work is at the forefront of its field.”

Gianluca provides support to the Constitutional Transitions Clinic and will participate in the center’s academic activities. In January 2013, he will present a paper at the Constitutional Transitions Colloquium, entitled “Revolutionary Judges? A Case of Free Speech in Post-#25Jan Egypt, in reference to the popular hashtag from the recent revolution there.

As a visiting fellow, Gianluca is also conducting research on how the relationship between shariah and state law is evolving in the wake of the uprisings in North Africa. The research will transcend current comparative law approaches, which examine primarily constitutional provisions, and will instead consider whether change is occurring via subtler legal mechanisms.

Gianluca earned his LL.B, LL.M, and Ph.D from the University of Torino, Italy. He has published books on membership and political participation in Arab states and on constitutional change in Bahrain. Recently, he has taught courses on the constitutional transition in Egypt, and is currently developing a coherent comparative overview of how shariah has been implemented in constitutional provisions in Muslim-majority societies.

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